Jewsplosion Hairpocalypse

Attention everyone:

Jack Noir being Lord English is NOT canon yet. It certainly now has a lot of canon backing it, but for all we know, his taking on of Lord English’s motifs(missing leg, missing eyes, missing tooth) does NOT necessarily mean that HE is Lord English. Considering that Caliborn controlled him through Cal, it’s very plausible that he’s merely a channel for English, who may very well still be Caliborn, or even Calliope, or Clubs Deuce or Nepeta or Abraxas or what have you.

Honestly my first inclination is that Lord English will end up being some sort of Jack English/Caliborn combination. Not necessarily one or the other, but a monstrous amalgamation of the two. Remember, we don’t know how Jack might get Time powers, and various LE motifs associated exclusively with Caliborn(his rifle/staff, his suspenders, time stuff, being a green skull alien monster) are notably missing from Jack.

In addition, we still don’t know why English’s death being surrounded by horses is an amusing coincidence. If what we’ve just witnessed was truly English’s birth, don’t you think it would have something to do with that?

Noir is here acting essentially as a channel for English, a body to do his bidding (Caliborn’s bidding) and start fucking shit up before he’s even already there.

Please stop talking about Noir like he’s 100% confirmed English now, thanks.